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This resource has been built to provide documentation, guidance and examples to developer’s wishing to push content directly to the iCare Zone content portal.

Developer Central should be used in conjunction with the downloadable ZoneXL Software Development Kit (SDK) (see below) to assist in the development and testing of XML feeds compatible with the ZoneXL API (application programming interface).

We recommend you read all the documentation thoroughly prior to commencing development and/or contacting our support team.  However, if you are having problems please email:

or if you prefer write to:
iCare Technologies Ltd.
Baird House

Who is Developer Central for?

Developer Central is provided without warranty to 3rd party publishers and content providers who wish to package content compatible with the iCare Zone content portal.  The iCare Zone is a walled garden solution provided by iCare Technologies Ltd. and as such the use of ZoneXL is restricted to authorised content partners.

Those with access to ZoneXL Developer Central will most likely be approved development partners.  This resource is available for your development team to learn how to package content for XML delivery.

What is ZoneXL?

ZoneXL provides an XML schema and development tools for publishers to package content for inclusion in iCare ZoneZoneXL is designed for ‘simple’ feeds which may be analogous to simple web pages and/or Teletext services.  Typical examples of areas in which ZoneXL provides the ideal publishing scenario include applications such as News, Weather, TV Guides, Recipes and Horoscopes.  These types of application are characterised by a series of master-detail pages, in which a master page serves as a menu of options leading to more verbose content.

What isn’t ZoneXL

ZoneXL is not a panacea.  It will not facilitate the production of sophisticated application logic (e.g. Games).  These must be handled independently and developed natively for use within iCare Zone.

What is required for ZoneXL

ZoneXL is a framework comprising documentation, XML scheme and API tools.  This means that whilst ZoneXL in essence is straightforward it will nevertheless require an IT team proficient in web based programming - XML, HTML, Javascript, PHP.

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